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Wow, that was pretty good! I enjoyed playing it. Here's my review,

Okay here are the things that I think needs improvement on, For the first thing I would say the environment and game asset designs. You got the basics down, now all you have to do is add some different texture, or something other than, a gray, plain, box. I think the wall/goal changing to green animation needs a little better transition.
I'm sure you are aware of the UI not appearing glitch so I won't really talk about that. But there was one time where I was stopped in between 2 blocker which i was clearly not touching either of them, I was confused at what happened. And I'm going to admit I ruined the ending for my self, I exploited your wall barrier to prevent to the player from going off of the map. I found out that if I hold the arrow key in the direction towards that wall I can slow myself down and stop myself. And basically restart my speed. This is how I cheated my way to the end, to which didn't feel very good. The very next time I went in to the "zone" and reached the goal! Which was very surprising and I felt accomplished.

Here are the things I liked-
The music was great, it went with the well with the game and your UI was simple and user friendly. The level design was pretty good I have to say. I tried many different paths and there were many different ways I could have gone. I liked the way how you funneled the player through this... forest of "cement" blocks. The difficultly of the level was perfect. (For me at least) It wasn't easy, and with all of the different paths you can keep the player trying over and over again until he or she gets it(or gives up in frustration) Either way good game and I hope you keep improving this, and keep creating other stuff in the future. Have a good one.

Mikolaj2040 responds:

Thank you for helping me on this project. I Will make sure to improve it. I am aware of the glitch and I am working to fix it with the UI. I am planning on adding better textures and assests with this update. Sorry I couldn't respond so fast but I was asleep since I'm in centeral europe. Again thanks and check out the game about 16:00 centeral europe time. - Developer - Mikolaj Mandziejewicz

This was Great! Haha thank you for brightening my day. I'd like to thank you for making this game. But in all honesty, next time make a game that has a purpose other than a satirical joke. Anyways I hope you have, had, or are having a good day! Peace out!

I like this game idea! The game itself was short and sweet, it was simple and it ran smoothly. I suggest you keep on doing what you're doing! It is a cute concept for a game. Two Thumbs Up! =)

OtroWeonMas responds:

Thank you so much. even though I didn't even respond to all these reviews, I usually come and read them to stay motivated. I'm glad you liked the game and hope you play the next thing I upload :D Thanks for your time and kind words!

I loved this!! It was cute and funny. Though I had trouble with the controls being a little delayed I don't know if it's just my computer but either way it's a great game!

I loved this game, though first time I played, I thought I won(Because I was playing normal chess) I lost.... It was the most depressing moment in my life. But after I read the instructions I understood it. Great game I like the concept, way to put a twist on chess. You get two thumbs up from me =)

Ha-ha-Hey kids! What's going on?! I like drawing stuff! And I hope you enjoy! ALSO I don't upload here that much. Mostly because I suck at time management. I like to draw gruesome AND cute things! I Hope you're having a great day or night! ^D^

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